Improve End-User Device Stability

Optimize the performance of end user devices and business-critical applications 

If the end user device fails, your applications do too. To complicate matters, hybrid working brings into play a whole series of additional factors that can impact device performance and therefore your employees experience

IT organizations need to proactively manage and monitor end user device performance and configuration to detect performance issues, measure application and hardware stability and identify security risks, in order to troubleshoot problems that may appear.  

The Benefits of Acumen

Detect device performance issues at scale, even across hybrid environments, to anticipate employee experience issues

Enhance perception of IT support services by taking effective actions to resolve device issues without user interruption

Improve IT efficiency by identifying and resolving endpoint issues and security vulnerabilities before users are impacted

Utilize insights to monitor technical performance and employee satisfaction, preventing potential incidents and minimizing downtime

Gain proactive visibility into endpoint performance


Proactively detect device performance issues to ensure employees productivity. Identify non-reported issues at scale, across every device to improve employee productivity and digital experiences.

Quickly identify any digital friction that impacts productivity caused by poor device performance and immediately identify every device with the same problem to scale your fix across all of them.

Category and Version Sprawl


Inconsistency in products and versions of software tools across an organization can introduce compatibility and reliability issues that degrade an employee’s digital experience.

Acumen accurately reports on those product categories and versions, critical to organizational effectiveness, that deviate from the corporate standards.

IT professionals can use this information to quickly identify those users whose productivity is most likely to be impacted by the tools deployed to their endpoints and take action to remediate.

Improve IT efficiency and perception of IT support services


Detect endpoint issues and security vulnerabilities before employees even know they have an issue or suffer any impact.

Leverage device, application, and digital employee experience (DEX) insights to monitor and identify drops in technical performance and employee satisfaction that signal potential incidents.

Never miss a chance to prevent problems

Reduce Software Licence Costs

Achieve significant savings with advanced digital experience analytics.  Identify what users use and need to remove and reassign unused software.

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Extend end-user device lifespan

Correlate actual user experience to device health and performance to establish smarter hardware refresh cycles that fit the needs of your employees.

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