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Digital Agility Hero

Measure, optimize, and transform end-user experience, productivity, and cost

Acumen provides the data and insights organizations need to optimize digital employee experiences, reduce IT costs and unlock productivity, through deep understanding of how people interact with systems and applications.

Two core modules deliver key capabilities that underpin a variety of use cases, from optimized endpoint performance, the elimination of digital friction, optimized application workflows, and building robust hybrid digital workplaces,  through to protecting employee well-being.

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Acumen Digital Employee Experience Platform

Acumen For Endpoint Intelligence™ Acumen For Employee Productivity™
Product Benefits
Reduce Software Licence Costs
Gain Asset Intelligence
Extend Endpoint Lifespan
Improve Endpoint Stability
Measure Hybrid Workpatterns
Protect Employee Well-being
Strengthen Employee Focus
Determine Task Efficiency
Identify Digital Champions
Verify Hybrid Productivity
Score and Benchmark Digital Agility
Establish Key Performance Indicators
Define and Monitor Transformation Initiatives
Price Model Per Employee (free for Asset Vision customers) Per Employee
Specific Features
Per-second usage metering for Installed, SaaS and VDI applications
Financial impact calculations
Service-desk integration
Detailed hardware and software inventory
Real-time issue detection and reporting
Hardware warranty discovery
Hardware suitability assessment
Machine performance analysis
Work pattern analysis
Sentiment analysis
Task Mining
App switching analysis
Security and patch vulnerability assessment
Application and device crash detection