Optimize Hybrid Working

Build exceptional hybrid working end-user experiences that optimize productivity

With teams working at both office and remote locations across the world, it’s hard to optimize digital employee experiences that deliver productive work environments no matter the location.

Acumen gives the DEX data and work pattern insights you need to deliver exceptional hybrid digital experiences and make data-driven decisions that optimize productivity.

The Benefits of Acumen

Assess and benchmark current hybrid working capabilities

Deliver and maintain stable and performant software and infrastructure services

Identify and resolve inefficient task and application workflow

Get productivity insights for remote teams and compare against office based employees

Use technology to safeguard individual well-being

Deliver and maintain security compliant digital workspaces irrespective of location

Measure end-user experiences for optimal end-user computing performance


Get insights into your employees experiences of a hybrid digital workplace so you can optimize the stability and performance of their IT services.

Enable proactive IT


Proactive visibility and remediation capabilities enable IT operations teams to detect and fix non-reported issues the impact DEX and productivity: hardware, applications, and processes

Obtain insights into remote and in-office work


Identify employees location, even remote work, and gain objective data and visibility into work patterns. To help understand where individuals work best, and how to optimize hybrid workforce operations to boost performance and elevate employee experience.

Secure work protection from anywhere


Guarantee secure access and shield against cyberthreats, all while preserving your employees’ flexibility to work from any location. Discover and address potential offsite security and compliance concerns.

Eliminate process friction and streamline user journeys


Identify inefficient processes and optimize to improve your employees productivity and processing times. Help by quickly gathering data on the user journey and application workflow to identify and address issues

hybrid working

Safe-guard employee well-being


Help your employees be more productive with healthier working habits.  Become able to quickly spot the signs of burnout and disengagement to quickly tackle.

Never miss a chance to prevent problems

Improve Return to Office Decision Making

Many organizations are revisiting their remote working policies with a large shift to hybrid working. Measure compliance and secure accurate data that enables better decisions on technology, office space and resource management to optimize productivity.

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Protect your employees well-being

Leverage all your quantifiable data to assess engagement & reduce burnout risks, identify quiet quitting, help your employees protect focus time, and ensure a healthy workload balance.

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