Reduce Software Licence Costs

Achieve significant savings with advanced software usage metering and analytics

It’s impossible for IT teams to optimize Digital Employee Experience (DEX) and achieve cost savings without a clear understanding of what assets are deployed across the estate and how those assets are used by employees to meet their business goals.

Streamline software configuration and improve the user experience by providing access to the software and IT services employees need to be more productive.  Remove what’s not needed to improve performance and achieve significant cost savings.

The Benefits of Acumen

Gain cost savings by understanding asset deployment and usage patterns across the IT estate

Optimize license models with forensic-level detail on usage patterns, ensuring optimized subscription costs based on actual needs

Improve user experience by eliminating category and version sprawl and providing access to essential, productive tools

Eliminate wasteful software over-provisioning and address bad deployment practices

Augment your software asset management strategy with advanced software usage metering


Not all usage data is helpful.  Only advanced, second by second usage metering exposes cost savings that would have previously remained hidden.  This level of analysis of application activity and the nature of human interaction with those applications, is the only way to understand what software is really needed at the endpoint.

Gaming of license token management systems, applications that automatically launch when booting the device, over provisioning of entitlements etc. all incur unnecessary expense that can be quickly cut, once the active usage data is available.

Optimize all your license models


Acumen delivers forensic level detail on usage and usage patterns to give absolute visibility of licensing requirements based on actual usage. Use second-by-second usage data to buy and renew only the subscriptions and token levels you need.

Understand peak demand patterns and ensure optimal license purchase that ensures availability at minimal cost. Rationalize license tiers, downgrading if appropriate.

Stop paying for applications you’re not using


Enable significant cost savings in annual software costs by identifying underutilized or entirely unused applications. Identify and eliminate or reassign unused or underutilized software licenses. Remove unnecessary duplication and overlap – whether it is on-premise or SaaS.

Drive adoption and eliminate redundant applications


It’s not uncommon for organizations to be running multiple versions of the same type of software, but there are huge efficiencies to be gained by eliminating those redundant applications and driving adoption of corporate standards.. Identify ‘category sprawl’ and gain insights that drive savings.

Never miss a chance to prevent problems

Improve end-user device stability

Utilize proactive visibility to detect non-reported issues at scale, across every single impacted device.

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Extend end-user device lifespan

Correlate actual user experience to device health and performance to establish smarter hardware refresh cycles that fit the needs of your employees.

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