Drive Application Adoption and Standardization

Driving digital adoption to optimize business outcomes

Getting as many business groups to use the same application for the same task goes beyond simply rationalizing or consolidating the applications and monitoring usage. While insights on usage help drive anticipated cost savings and improved collaboration, securing granular insights on how applications are used to support processes is paramount.

Productivity, governance, security and cost can all be negatively impacted even when the right tools are being used, just not necessarily in the right order.

The Benefits of Acumen

Elevate business success with thoughtful application adoption and standardization

Increase cost efficiency, with simplified operations and streamlined applications

Foster team collaboration by breaking down communication silos

Reduce IT costs by eliminating duplicate applications

Cultivate productivity by eliminating bottlenecks

Enhance efficiency and support IT teams with centralized solutions

Enable enhanced productivity


One of the key capabilities and benefits of driving the adoption of standard applications and processes is the enhancement of productivity. Workflow bottlenecks and the use of applications lacking functionality can disrupt processes  and run the risk of introducing errors and poor governance as users map their own route to completing key process elements.

By standardizing applications, you can eliminate these inefficiencies, ensuring that employees can work seamlessly within a unified digital workplace.

Achieve better collaboration


Standardizing on software solutions opens up new opportunities for collaboration within organizations. Using the same collaboration platforms enables employees and teams to work and communicate more effectively, breaking down silos.

This collaborative approach fosters the sharing of ideas and innovation, contributing to a more dynamic and agile work environment.

Reduce the burden on IT and drive cost savings


Driving the adoption of standardized solutions not only improves productivity but also reduces the burden on IT departments. Centralized monitoring and maintenance of company programs and processes allow IT teams to operate more efficiently.

This focused approach not only creates additional bandwidth for helpful resources and enhanced user training but also leads to long-term decreases in helpdesk tickets. Furthermore, standardization results in eliminating the expenses associated with maintaining multiple software programs.

Never miss a chance to prevent problems

Identify and eliminate digital friction

Get visibility with digital employee experience analytics that give granular, second-by-second insight on endpoints and software usage that enable you to detect and prevent potential digital friction that impacts the performance of hardware, applications and processes

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Optimize task efficiency

Remove the risk of process friction to streamlines your employees journeys. Capture application workflows of any number of employees, wherever they are located, as they complete process tasks, to identify inefficient processes and reduce time wasted

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