Establish Key Performance Indicators

Automatically represent DEX metrics as actionable key performance indicators

Acumen customers benefit from a simple, but elegantly powerful feature know as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs overcome the problem of measuring a high-level notion, such as Digital Employee Experience (DEX) and Productivity, with low-level technical metrics. KPIs perform configurable analysis and filtering on these low-level technical metrics to generate an consistent an objective measure of what ‘good’ is.

Over 30 different low-level data points can be converted into KPIs, and we are adding new ones all the time. KPIs allow for consistent comparison across organizational cohorts and an elegant way of ensuring the direction of travel for DEX is correct.

The Benefits of Acumen

Eliminate the work of pouring over low-level data points to see how initiatives are progressing

An ever-expanding list of the most useful Key Performance Indicators

Establish key benchmarks to determine the direction of travel for DEX

Ensure good means the same thing to all stakeholders

Easily create a unique Key Performance Indicator


Acumen makes it easy to define KPIs that exactly match the requirements of your DEX and productivity initiatives. Use existing KPI templates and a baseline, and add filters and analysis unique to your requirements.

Share KPIs with other stakeholders and combine related KPIs to track Transformation Initiatives.

Over 30 KPI Templates to Build Upon


Acumen has an extensive library of KPI templates constructed from our research into DEX. The library is constantly expanding in response to customer requirements an innovative measurement research we undertake.

Built on the Same Concept as Credit Scoring


Credit scores are affected by a variety factors. These factors are like the Acumen KPIs, the factors are sophisticated analysis of an individuls credit behaviour summarised into a simple impact on a credit score. Acumen works the same way, KPIs summarise low-level technical metrics that relate to an employee’s digital experience and productivity. KPI can then be used to calculate an individuals or groups Digital Agility Score

Additional Solutions for Objective Measurement of Digital Employee Experience

Define and Measure Transformation Initiatives

Aggregate KPIs and establish key milestones to aid progress and quickly focus in on those items that need the most attention

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Score and Benchmark Digital Agility

Enhance digital agility optimize current digital processes, upgrade hardware and software, or embrace new technologies and channels. 

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