Optimize Task Efficiency

Eliminate process friction and streamline user journeys

Analyze your users journey and user interaction data so you can analyze how your employees get work done.  Capture the application workflow of any number of employees, wherever they are located, as they complete process tasks

Identify inefficient processes and application workflows to identify and eliminate friction and delay to improve productivity and processing times.

The Benefits of Acumen

Capture application workflows at scale, for every employee, wherever they are located

Identify and eliminate digital friction that limits productivity

Understand process variations and identify best practices

Solve governance and compliance issues by identifying risky employee behavior

Accelerate the discovery of business tasks, and secure insights on opportunities for automation

Identify employees’ pain points and potential training opportunities and more

Gain visibility into application workflows


Eliminate process friction and streamline user journeys. Using task mining, businesses can capture user journeys and interaction data, analyzing how employees complete process tasks across different applications. Acumen’s provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the application workflow, helping to identify areas where friction and delays may be caused by functionality gaps or application switching.

Gain internal benchmarking and analysis


Internal benchmarking and analysis are crucial capabilities for organizations looking to optimize task efficiency and identify areas for improvement. With the ability to capture user journeys and application workflows, you can analyze process variations and identify best practices. This internal benchmarking enables you to identify “pain points” measure employees performance against established standards and identify areas where optimization is needed.

digital employee experience

Identify optimization and automation opportunities


Gain valuable insights into opportunities for optimization and automation. By analyzing user journeys, you can identify inefficient processes and areas where automation can be applied to improve productivity and processing times. Accelerating the discovery of business tasks suitable for automation, allows you to streamline workflows, enhances overall operational efficiency, ensuring you stay ahead in the evolving digital landscape.

Improve compliance and risk management


Capturing and analyzing application workflows not only contributes to process optimization but also plays a vital role in improving compliance and risk management. By securely capturing application workflows for every employee, you can identify and address risky employee behavior, ensuring adherence to governance and compliance standards, creating a secure and controlled digital environment.

Never miss a chance to prevent problems

Drive application adoption/standardization

Drive the adoption of standard applications and processes to reduce application licence costs, streamline workflows, enhance productivity and collaboration, improve security, ensure compliance and reduce the burden on IT

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Identify and eliminate digital friction

Get visibility with digital employee experience analytics that give granular, second-by-second insight on endpoints and software usage that enable you to detect and prevent potential digital friction that impacts the performance of hardware, applications and processes

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