Acumen for Endpoint Intelligence™

Acumen Endpoint Intelligence

Improve employee digital experience with actionable intelligence from endpoint analytics

Acumen for Endpoint Intelligence™ can dramatically improve the employee digital experience, and maximise the return on technology investment in those same employees.

Acumen achieves these twin aims by providing detailed visibility into the stability and performance of endpoints and correlating this information with employee work patterns.

Additionally, Acumen’s advanced second-by-second usage, software inventory and cost-optimization calculations combine to maximise the cost-efficiency of the endpoint hardware and software configuration

Benefits of Acumen

  • Eliminate wasteful expenditure on software
  • Score digital agility
  • Measure the impact of hybrid work patterns on Digital Employee Experience (DEX)
  • Establish key performance indicators
  • Detect technical issues that drive poor employee digital experience
  • Define and measure transformation initiative progress
Endpoint Intelligence

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Observability

Accurate measurement of the experience your employees get through the devices and applications they rely on in their work environment.  Remove anecdote and replace it with empirical data.

  • Quickly secure the data and insights that enable you to measure and proactively optimize your employees digital experience.
  • Aggregate and monitor DEX for all employees, whether in the office or working remotely
  • Track experience over time and predict productivity degradation.
  • Compare different segments by role, team, location. Benchmark and measure improvement
  • Remove anecdote and replace it with empirical data. A single version of the truth available to all stakeholders.

Reduce Expenditure Through Intelligent Usage Metering


Reduce IT costs associated with the endpoint by ensuring hardware and software configuration matches employee requirements.

Use detailed, second-by-second usage data to rightsize contracts and buy and renew only the subscriptions you need.

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Endpoint Refresh Insights

Extend end-user device lifespan with insight into actual employee usage, performance data, and sentiment in order to establish smarter hardware refresh cycles.

Helping you understand employee usage and correlate actual user experience to device health and performance to determine whether devices need replacement, upgrade, or no action at all.

Automatically gather device warranty information to feed into the refresh analysis

Device Stability and Performance Analytics


Proactively detect end user device performance issues to improve your employee productivity and digital experiences.

Quickly identify any digital friction that impacts productivity caused by poor device performance and application instability. Detect endpoint issues and security vulnerabilities before employees even know they have an issue or suffer any impact.

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