Define and Measure Transformation Initiatives

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Optimize DEX transformation outcomes to maximize business value

Acumen’s inbuilt Transformation Initiative capability is used to track your employee’s digital experiences and productivity progress.

 Built on the sophisticated Key Performance Indicator (KPI) layer, Transformation Initiatives aggregate KPIs and establish key milestones to aid rapid determination of progress and quickly focus in on those items that need the most attention.

Benefits of Acumen

  • Create Transformation Initiatives unique to your business requirements
  • Easy for key stakeholders to understand
  • Identify those aspects of the transformation most likely to impact progress
  • Link to higher level strategic goals for executive visibility on progress

Define sophisticated measures of transformation progress

Transformation Initiatives are layered upon organizational-specific combination of KPIs in order to accurately reflect the DEX transformation objectives.

Aggregate transformation initiatives into strategic objectives

Transformation Initiatives can be aggregated to support higher level strategic objectives. These strategic objectives can be used to deliver an easy to consume executive view of how organizational strategy, as it relates to employees digital experience and productivity, is progressing.

4. Identify the digital champs

Identify the digital champions to help drive organizational change

Use Transformation Initiatives (TI) to identify the digital champions within your organization. Objective analysis, built upon Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for each of the constituent parts of a TI, helps identify those groups, or even individuals, exhibiting the digital behavior you would most like to replicate.

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