Measure, optimize, and transform digital employee experiences

Provide exceptional digital employee experiences using data and insights to boost productivity, protect employee wellbeing and reduce complexity, and cost.

Optimize Digital Employee Experiences

Measure, analyse and report on the digital experiences of individuals, roles, teams and locations.

Identify IT issues that impact employees and use advanced discovery and active usage analysis to improve their overall digital experience.

Use digital experience analytics and KPIs, presented through highly visual dashboards, to gain deep insights on employee’s digital experiences across the entire organization

Optimize Digital Workplace Efficiency

Identify and eliminate digital friction. Understand the user journeys and application workflows that staff use to complete tasks.

Eliminate bottlenecks and digital friction that limits productivity. Identify application switching, application and hardware instability and other digital friction points that impact employee experience.

Find opportunities for automation and free-up their time to focus on the tasks that matter.

Streamline Digital Experience Transformation

Measure technology changes that impact your employees at the endpoint. Ensure users are not experiencing friction or productivity impact during, or post, technology change.

Digital experience analytics and insights to baseline, plan, drive adoption, optimize utilization, and stay in control.

Help to identify digital champions and roll-out technology changes that are aligned to users and their skillsets.

Digital Experience Report: The Reality of Hybrid Working and Employee Experience

Research of 2,000 UK hybrid workers has revealed the scale of lost time and money businesses are experiencing as they moved to a hybrid model.

The report highlights the extent of lost productivity and the impact that substandard technology and poor digital experiences are having on well-being.

Download the report to understand the knowledge gap organizations face in understanding the employee experience and proactive steps organizations can take to measure and optimize the hybrid working experience.

The best digital experiences rely on Scalable Software

The best digital experiences rely on Scalable Software

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