DEX Observability & Digital Experience Scoring 

Eliminate blind spots in user experience measurement

As IT environments become more complex and fragmented, it is difficult for your IT teams to gain end-to-end visibility into user journeys and ensure a positive, seamless end-user experience. 

Coupling DEX observability with Key Performance Indicators, Acumen enables decision makers in the C-Suite, IT and HR to gain objective evidence of how hybrid and remote working models are performing, and deep visibility into employee productivity and engagement. 

With full endpoint visibility and contextual metrics, Acumen helps identify performance issues and digital friction across user devices and user journeys, irrespective of location. 

Measure, benchmark and show improvement over time

Acumen offers a suite of capabilities to measure, score, and optimize the digital employee experience systematically. Track experiences over time and predict potential productivity degradation. Compare different segments based on roles, teams, and locations allows for benchmarking and continuous improvement initiatives. 

Establish key performance indicators

For consistent comparison across organizational cohorts and an elegant way of ensuring the direction of travel for DEX is correct.

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Define and Measure Transformation Initiatives

Aggregate KPIs and establish key milestones to aid progress and quickly focus in on those items that need the most attention

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Score and Benchmark Digital Agility

Enhance digital agility optimize current digital processes, upgrade hardware and software, or embrace new technologies and channels. 

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