Acumen for Employee Productivity™

1. 360 Productivity TI

Gain powerful insights on productivity and workplace efficiency

Acumen provides insights into work patterns and user journeys that can be used to improve your user experiences, streamline disconnected tactical solutions, and drive better ways of working consistently.

Benefits of Acumen

  • Identify the most efficient routes through tasks and workflows at scale
  • Score digital agility
  • Improve compliance and risk management with full visibility of individual workflows
  • Establish key performance indicators
  • Understand employee work patterns to protect well-being
  • Define and measure transformation initiative progress

Visualize a User's Journey Through a Workflow via Efficient Task Mining

Boost productivity with task mining designed to analyse a users journey through a defined sequence of tasks. Operate at scale to gather an aggregate view across entire departments or roles. 

Organisations can identify opportunities to streamline processes and procedures, remove points of friction, enhance the employee experience and drive greater organisational productivity.

Optimize task efficiency - understand where friction and delay is caused by functionality gaps or application switching, and identify automation opportunities.

Understand Employee Work Patterns to Protect Well-being


Harness quantifiable data to evaluate engagement and burnout risk, detect signs of quiet quitting, assist employees in safeguarding focus time, and maintain a healthy workload balance.

Assess and optimise workload balance across teams.

View workload trends within teams to prevent burnout and ensure everyone is engaged.

Determine whether remote work is contributing to higher levels of burnout.

Gain insight into work patterns, out-of-hours working and location analysis.


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