Return to Office Initiatives

Improve return to office decision making

With employees working at both office and remote locations it’s hard to measure productivity, digital experience, and burnout risk.

Many organizations are revisiting their policies on remote working and have shifted to hybrid models and have issued guidance on ‘Return to Office’ initiatives to deliver significant collaboration, cultural and, in some cases, productivity gains that come from in office working.

The benefits of Acumen

Measure Return-to-Office policy compliance

Discover how workplace policy affects your workforce

Compare remote and onsite productivity

Review and rightsize office space requirements

Make data-driven headcount and resource decisions

Get productivity insights for remote teams

Obtain insights into remote and in-office work


Gain accurate data on where employees choose to work, understand their work patterns, get insights on productivity and identify digital friction that may impact productivity based on location.

Determine office space requirements


Maximize the value of your real estate investments with insight into office utilization. Acumen provides location based work pattern analytics and captures accurate data of utilization based on where employees get work done.

Correlate location to productivity and work habits


Develop the optimal hybrid work policy for your organization with location-based workplace analytics and DEX data. Make your decisions with accurate and objective data, not self-reporting and anecdotes.

Never miss a chance to prevent problems

Optimize hybrid working

 Achieve data driven decisions that optimize employee productivity and tackle the pitfalls for employees working both in office and remotely, whilst optimizing their digital employee experience for a productive work environment.

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Protect your employees well-being

Leverage all your quantifiable data to assess engagement & reduce burnout risks, identify quiet quitting, help your employees protect focus time, and ensure a healthy workload balance.

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