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The Advantages of Asset Intelligence Platforms

  • Posted by: Russell Wood

So, it’s the day of your new website rollout, you’ve got great content and everybody who has reviewed it is hyped. This is the game changer that you’ve been looking for.

Then somebody asks the question “How do we know if it’s successful?”

Everyone looks at each other realizing that there’s no way of knowing how many visitors; how long people are interacting with the site or the where all your users are coming from.

Now obviously the above is something that has never happened, and it seemed crazy to even type it, but it does happen every day in the world of internal IT.

Just think how many new IT systems are rolled out without metrics about take-up by team or location. How do we sign off projects as successful when you don’t know who is using it or the usage patterns. On the flip side we spend large amounts of money running unused or underused systems.

While we understand that things such as website metrics are vitally important to our business, we haven’t yet learned to unleash the power of that internally.

Why You Need an Asset Intelligence Platform

Asset Intelligence brings together all your inventory together whether it’s hardware, software or services such as databases, and combines it with usage information and server network data. So how does it work in practice?

Well, using this combined dataset you can create a business stack which allows you to analyze your systems from any angle.

Using this approach, you can answer questions such as:

  • “What is our most used platform?”
  • “What is the uptake for our new internal product by location?”
  • “What systems need refreshing and who would be impacted?”

Having this data means you can manage your IT estate by prioritization based on the greatest need and greatest risks to your systems. You can gain advantages by asking questions about your IT usage that has been out of the reach of your company before.

In businesses these days where employees have more control than ever over their IT, you need to be agile by riding the winners and cutting the cost of the losers as soon as possible. An Asset Intelligence platform gives you the data about the usage of your services allowing you to make decisions based on this analysis.

Treating your internal IT as you would your external products means you can be leaner, faster to react, and ensure your employees have the systems that they need.