Protect Employee Well-Being

Identify risk of burn-out with work pattern insights

Burnout doesn’t fix itself, recognizing and easing the pressures on your workforce builds a healthier work atmosphere.

It’s essential to spot the signs of burnout and take active steps in addressing the underlying problems before they escalate.  Leverage quantifiable data to assess engagement & burnout risk, identify quiet quitting, help employees protect focus time, and ensure healthy workload balance.

The Benefits of Acumen

Identify support needs by surfacing patterns in employee work habits

Prevent burnout and ensure engagement by viewing utilization levels

Compare utilization levels between remote and in-office employees to gauge the impact of remote work

Assess and optimize workload balance seamlessly across teams

Make informed decisions on resourcing needs based on real-time team capacity data

Leverage data to foster a healthier work environment and make strategic decisions for overall team well-being.

Employee sentiment analysis


Analyzing digital employee experience sentiment is a key capability in recognizing and addressing burnout risks within the workforce. As employees navigate shifting working patterns, it’s crucial to understand their personal perspective on the IT services that underpin their work.

Leveraging employee sentiment and quantifiable DEX data to assess engagement and identify risks of burnout, managers can take proactive measures to address issues and promote more supportive work environment.

Gain out-of-Hours working insights


Understanding the patterns of out-of-hours working is a crucial capability for organizations seeking to support their employees and prevent burnout. As work patterns continue to shift and evolve, it becomes essential to identify employees who may be at risk of burnout due to prolonged stress and pressure.

With quantifiable data, organizations are able to surface patterns in their employee work habits, enabling them to identify those in need of support, and deliver targeted enablement to build a healthier workforce.

Enable work pattern and location analysis


By viewing work patterns for individuals, roles and locations, you can derive insights on capacity, engagement  and make data-driven decisions about headcount and resourcing.

This capability also enables organizations to determine whether remote work is contributing to higher levels of burnout , or whether location, processes or technology impacts productivity based on location.

Never miss a chance to prevent problems

Improve Return to Office Decision Making

Many organizations are revisiting their remote working policies with a large shift to hybrid working. Measure compliance and secure accurate data that enables better decisions on technology, office space and resource management to optimize productivity.

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Optimize hybrid working

With more employees working both in office and remotely all across the globe it’s increasingly difficult for companies to optimize their digital employee experience for a productive work environment. Achieve data driven decisions that optimize employee productivity.

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