Chief HR Officer

Chief HR Officer

Deliver exceptional digital employee experiences

Just as social, mobile, data analytics, and personalization technology has shaped expectations around customer experience, they are now influencing employees’ expectations of the workplace. Organizations are under pressure to provide new digital workplaces that deliver the same experience from organizations they work for that they’re used to as consumers.

Improve the employee experience

Measure, maintain and improve the digital agility. Build engaging digital experiences that increase the satisfaction of employees and enhance productivity through providing collaborative, work anywhere, digital workplaces that meet the requirements of collaborative teams.

Lead the transformation to a digital enterprise

HR leaders who “lean into” new technologies, platforms, and ways of working, and who explore and invest in enabling agility through constant reinvention, will have a significant impact on business results and employee experience, transforming the workforce and the way work is done.

Deliver exceptional digital employee experiences with flexible, work from anywhere digital workplaces and realize substantial benefits:

    • Improved workforce productivity. Remove friction in workforce – system interactions and optimize processes. Provide collaborative platforms that enhance teamwork.
    • More access to scarce talent. Enable remote working and new work from anywhere digital workplaces that give wider access to the best employees.
    • Improved staff retention. Increase employee satisfaction end ensure greater levels of well-being.
    • Greater levels of innovation. Teams can become more effective by collaborating and sharing best practices with one another.

Use Workforce Profiling to better understand workforce dynamics and insights:

      • Review the employee experience and highlight opportunities to improve employee satisfaction through early identification of issues.
      • Track Aggregate Prominence to identify isolated groups in your organization.
      • Identify support or training requirements from technology usage.
      • Use workforce analytics to map adoption to individual performance reviews.
      • Understand how diverse or consistent your team and departments are by role or location.
      • Track Team Digital Agility over time and understand specific KPI trends.

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