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Thinking Differently: How Asset Vision Has Been Able to Deliver 101 Releases in 7 Years

  • Posted by: Scalable Team

This week, Scalable released its 101st iteration of Asset Vision®, less than 7 years since its 1st. To celebrate this monumental achievement, we have decided to dive into what makes Asset Vision different than the other tools in the market.

The Asset Vision platform is a hosted PAAS and is targeted at ITAM, ITL and IT cost related issues. So as such, it does all the things that you would expect any platform in that market to do. However, it offers integration capabilities and it offers an SDK (software development kit) that allows you to use other applications. This is similar to Apple’s iPhone, when it gained popularity over Nokia’s smartphone which didn’t offer an SDK, even though it was light years ahead of the iPhone (in terms of specs) in 2007. According to Scalable’s CTO, Nick Youell, “At the time we didn’t know the subject field that we wanted to build, so we built an application that will allows us to do any.”

Mr. Youell attributes Asset Vision’s rapid deployment cycle to three things:

  1. Taking Advantage of Modern Technology. By incorporating modern agile development techniques into Asset Vision, you can take away a feature without harming the other features. It’s like modern day shipbuilding where they no longer build a boat from the keel up, but all prefabricated pieces where you can change things without compromising the whole ship.
  2. Order of Responsibility. The development team associated with Asset Vision is responsible for everything in the product regardless of their role. They are all responsible for bringing functionality out the door. QA works with Development and with Product Management and Deployment, there is no code insulation. They are very heavily integrated with everything in the production lifecycle which keeps everyone accountable to each other’s job.
  3. The Root Server. The automation of the whole of the root server allows for updates on a regular basis in an efficient way. As mentioned earlier, the root server was built to be able to keep adding on features as an SDK.

This ability to rapidly bring enhancements to market in a secure and scalable manner means end users get productive faster and avoid all the inherent issues of on premise application deployments. It means for new clients that actionable data can be delivered in as little as 60 days. If you are interested in learning more about how Asset Vision can help your organization rapidly cut IT costs and increase transparency, please contact us.