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Coronavirus Crisis: Working From Home – the New Norm

  • Posted by: Pete Summers

How Ready is Your Organization?

Widespread working from home raises questions about organizations’ technology stacks, technology provision, culture, and working practices. Put another way, an organization that has to conduct business entirely by email soon discovers email’s limitations.

As we move forward there is a real possibility that the need to work from home will extend through 2020 and may well have permanently changed the working environment for many. The need to be ready and minimize the risks of such events in the future is a demand that all businesses face for both business continuity and optimal productivity.

With a little reflection, you’re likely to quickly decide that productivity could very quickly plummet and that a number of things that ought to be happening, aren’t happening. In business, neither situation is good news.

So what to do? Prior to the current situation, many IT leadership teams had not given extensive thought to the need for widespread and sustained working from home. It’s not been a scenario worth planning for.

For many organizations, the coronavirus pandemic is likely to be their first experience of any contingency plan that demands that employees start working from home for real, in a genuine quarantine situation.

Digital Agility

Is there a better way? Here at Scalable Software, we believe so.

Our view is that measures of digital agility map well onto a measure of preparedness for widespread working from home, providing accurate information for planning and preparedness purposes. In short, a more digitally-agile organization is also an organization that’s better equipped to cope with extensive and widespread working from home.

What does that mean in practice? For one thing, investments in tighter collaboration, superior collaboration tools, and centralized communication and file-sharing platforms—think G-Suite and Office 365, for instance—are a step in the right direction. Beyond this, holistic approaches to building superior digital workplaces and delivering superior digital employee experiences should become the goal. However, many organizations making a progressive move to deliver superior digital workplaces have found that the present crisis has thrust them into something of an information void.

Asset Vision from Scalable addresses this issue and provides an ability to rapidly collect a consolidated view of all IT assets in the enterprise— hardware and software data across the entire hybrid estate, combined with deep usage intelligence. The solution speeds up the process of collecting and then visually reporting on large quantities of complex data to give accurate, and previously unattainable intelligence and insights needs for successful work anywhere initiatives and cloud migrations. Data and insights help users answer the key questions that they need to know, including:

  • Do individual employees have the right infrastructure to enable them to work effectively remotely? Has everyone got the software needed? Is it on the right version?
  • Can they reach out to their team via conferencing?
  • Can we get them to work at different times to ensure load on the networks is distributed out?
  • Are there negative behaviors that are impacting the DEX of others that need to be eliminated?
  • Are employees using the software or not?
  • Are there support and training needs that can be addressed to help improve user adoption and productivity?
  • Are there cost savings that can be identified for both immediate short-term cost cutting initiatives and ongoing cost management programs?

Essential Data Insights To Assess and Tune ‘Working from Home’ Capabilities

We are committed to helping businesses around the world implement robust ‘work anywhere’ IT infrastructures that help facilitate remote working and enhance productivity. Scalable is providing 90 days free access to the Asset Vision service to help organizations answer the key questions that they need to know.

You’ll get fast track access to data and insights that can help your organization build, tune and sustain work anywhere digital workplaces.

We’re talking 90 days FREE. No commitment. No Sales calls.

The offer allows you to analyze up to 5,000 employees free for 90 days. If you have more than 5,000 employees, we analyze a particular segment or extend the service. For more information, visit our web site.