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K-12 IT Asset Management: A Perfect Storm for Finance and IT

  • Posted by: Scalable Team

The Perfect Storm: Reductions in funding per student, despite much greater demands on K-12 IT Asset Management, means further challenges for school district IT.

K-12 IT and Finance teams are struggling with the impact of reductions in funding per student, while still needing to provide for more and better reporting, security, and student enablement. To add to their challenge, factor in the “more systems per student” ratio mandate, new teaching methodologies, new technology, and new software to enable better learning outcomes, with fewer IT personnel to support those initiatives—and you have a perfect storm for IT.

Scalable’s solution for K-12 schools can address the current and growing needs of your district. We provide the tools that enable efficient, effective IT day-to-day operations, while providing district administrators the tools needed to report on the changing landscape of the district.

Scalable provides a complete, easy to use solution that offers reporting and systems management tools that can meet the perfect storm facing K-12 IT. Schools throughout the US and Canada have implemented Scalable’s K-12 solution, and are finding it easy to use and maintain.

In just one instance: the Harlandale IT department needed to meet the challenges placed before them by the Curriculum and Instruction department. Subject area coordinators, primarily math and science, use a diverse set of devices, especially Apple products like iPhones and iPads, and Harlandale needed to be able to manage them. After a thorough evaluation, Scalable was selected to meet Harlandale’s K-12 IT Asset Management needs.