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IT Transformation Initiatives – Reducing the Risk with Accurate Asset Intelligence

  • Posted by: Russell Wood

A whole industry has been built on IT transformation with companies taking aging IT estates and migrating onto hardware which is easier to maintain and run or moving from one suite of software to another. Now with cloud migration and digital transformation this industry has been supercharged.

It sounds simple, but companies which do this are taking a (admittedly well calculated) risk which they look to mitigate via activities such as due diligence.

At Scalable, we find that that these companies again and again have the same challenges, which is why they talk to us. These can be boiled down to the following: getting access to people that can get you the information that you need, then getting the information in a way that you can collate easily. This information is normally split between multiple teams, which means getting a single view of an estate to allow you to run a transformation project is near impossible.

How Can Asset Intelligence Support IT Transformation Initiatives?

On top of this there are many different types of IT transformation, many of which may be happening at the same time, but help is at hand with Asset Vision and its approach to Asset Intelligence. Let’s have a look through some standard IT transformation and understand where Asset Vision can help.

  • Cloud Migration – Asset Vision’s discovery includes, but isn’t limited to, standard cloud services APIs. Using our standard discovery and combining this data with our calculated cloud information allows powerful bespoke analysis. Using this data you can work with your transformation partner of choice knowing you are in full control of your Asset Information whether you are completing a Lift and Shift, Move and Improve or Rebuild transformation.
  • Application Migration – As well as in built Migration Assistants for Office 365 and Google GSuite, it is easy to set up a bespoke migration pulling in usage information to confirm that people are using the tools that have been provided. Usage information on SaaS services means that Asset Vision is one solution that works when you are migrating.
  • Hardware Migration – Asset Vision automatically pulls detailed information for hardware and checks for lack of usage. Interfacing with the major hardware vendors, it updates the warranty data which can be used as a basis for a refresh project.
  • Portfolio Management – With Asset Vision software discovery and inventory, you can check what applications are installed and being used across the entire estate. With our inventory, you can check the Software Category to review where similar tools may be doing the same job.

Obviously, these descriptions are just scratching the service. Asset Vision’s success supporting IT transformation has enabled both customers and partners to deliver major transformation projects on time and to budget, by leveraging Asset Intelligence and usage within an estate.

For more information visit or contact us to discuss how we can help.