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Scalable Supports Migration and Management to Optimize Cloud Costs

  • Posted by: Simon Croyden

Throughout this blog series, we have discussed the importance of planning and management before, during and after cloud migration. It’s an ongoing process that takes into account many different aspects of cloud computing, from reducing costs and achieving greater control to understanding the optimal cloud environment for your organization and supporting those business needs. Scalable’s platform offers several features that make it ideal for supporting cloud migration and management. Let’s take a look at the 7 key features and how they can optimize your cloud costs and drive your business to more long term efficiency and success.

Single Pane of Glass

Many tools only give you the ability to only look at your assets that reside in the cloud. Scalable’s “single pane of glass” concept means that you can see what’s going on both in the cloud and in your on-premise data center, as well as across your workstations and other platforms. This is important in the planning and management stages of cloud migration but also in the long term to continue to deliver value.

Integrated Platform

Many products in this market are modular in a bad sense. Usually, they are based on one product for on-premise data and one for cloud, the components don’t work well together and have to be licensed separately as well. If you license Scalable’s platform, you get a complete, fully integrated solution, designed and built by us from the ground up. All the elements you need are free to use from day one.


This is the process of translating raw data that the system collects about your IT assets into a meaningful description that helps you with licensing, planning and cloud migration. Scalable’s platform can recognize most applications straight out of the box, which means there will be minimal manual effort for you and your team. This is thanks to our integrated, cloud-based, and crowd-sourced recognition engine, which has more than 1,500,000 entries. It doesn’t just offer simple recognition and normalization capabilities, it also provides release and end-of-life dates, license metrics, and more – all of which adds up to insights you can act on.

Customization and Integration

While our platform does recognize the majority of applications, if you need to record asset information unique to your organization, our asset intelligence products will do the job. Scalable allows custom field creation, either creating entirely new objects or extending existing objects. This feature can be used, for example, to keep track of the locations where an asset is being used, which can help optimize usage. Once defined, customization survives all platform updates and can be incorporated into any of the business intelligence functions.

Highly Granular Information

If you’re looking for something more detailed than just information about whether a piece of software is in use at a given location, our platform can help. You get detailed intelligence about how people are interacting with their workstations, down to time using different programs, number of keystrokes and number of apps used regularly. The value of this in planning a cloud migration is that you can analyze trends and work out, for example, which users might be satisfied with the browser-based tools and which need the full-blown application. You could also reduce your capital asset estate by using the platform to work out which users might be able to use a cheap Chromebook instead of a high-powered laptop.

Full Visibility of Cloud Use

Scalable gives you a complete picture of what cloud apps and services are being used across your organization, including any shadow IT. This makes it possible for management to ensure that secure practices are followed and eliminate cloud sprawl and cloud shock. That way, you can keep control without unnecessarily restricting what your business can do.

Intelligent Insights, Fast

Thanks in part to our inbuilt analysis and reporting engines, Scalable provides actionable insights within the first few weeks of data capture.

Do More Than Just Optimize Cloud Costs With Scalable

Here at Scalable, we hope that this blog series has helped you to envisage how cloud computing will work for your organization well beyond migration. With the deep dive insights and analysis you get from using Scalable’s platform, you can stay agile and flexible in your industry and make smart business decisions for the long term. If you feel like you’re ready to discover how Scalable can work for you, contact us for a demo.