Workforce and Systems Analytics

Build engaging digital workspaces that boost productivity with optimized workforce-system interactions

Workforce and systems analytics help you optimize systems and processes, eliminate friction and increase productivity. Build exceptional end-user experiences: quantify end-user experiences and provide optimal end-user computing performance.

Get insights into the productivity and employee experience of your workforce and understand how performance and usage of their devices and collaboration apps impact on the organizations ability to meet business objectives.

Use workforce and systems analytics to understand your current capabilities

Measure and profile your organization, teams and individuals to understand their digital agility. Analyze both the technology already in place and the workforce’s ability to absorb change and utilize IT.

Profile and understand Workforce Analytics that will determine broad, consolidated (team, segment, country, region or global) activity patterns for better resource planning.

digital employee experience

Remove blockers to increased productivity

Evaluate user journeys and identify inefficiencies that are hindering digital growth. Remove friction in workforce – system interactions and optimize processes that enhance productivity.

Improve the employee experience

Measure, maintain and improve digital agility. Build engaging digital experiences that increase the satisfaction of employees and enhance productivity through providing collaborative, work anywhere, digital workplaces that meet the requirements of collaborative teams.

Drive continuous improvement & ensure ongoing ROI

Evaluate your ROI on technology investment in context of “real” business value. Post-completion, Acumen provides ongoing access to metrics that you wish to continue tracking in order to ensure continued ROI against your investment, and helps you identify further opportunities to optimize your organization.

Configurable dashboards and KPIs that matter to you

Get accurate status updates, based on data from thousands of endpoints across your entire IT estate to get immediate access and visibility to the KPIs that matter. With configurable dashboards, KPI scores, data analytics with roll-up and drill down you’ll get the right information, at the right time.

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