Boost Productivity and Remove Inefficiency

Build engaging digital workspaces that boost productivity with optimized workforce-system interactions

  • Workforce and systems analytics help you optimize systems and processes, eliminate friction and increase productivity.
  • Build exceptional end-user experiences: quantify end-user experiences and provide optimal end-user computing performance.
  • Get insights into the productivity and employee experience of your workforce and understand how performance and usage of their devices and collaboration apps impact on the organizations ability to meet business objectives.

Eliminate Process Friction and Streamline User Journeys

Identify inefficient processes and optimize to improve productivity and improve processing times. Quickly gather data on the user journey and application workflow to understand where friction and delay is caused by functionality gaps or application switching.

  • Identify best practice and replicate it
    Understand how top performers get work done by reviewing their engagement with processes and use of technology to achieve successful outcomes. Improve the consistency of frontline operations and ensure that best practice is adopted to maximize efficiency.

Improve Collaboration

Identify and eliminate communication silos and drive adoption of corporate productivity and collaboration platforms. Ensure everyone has access to documents and shared knowledge to do their work as efficiently as possible.

Proactively Identify End-User Experience Issues

Gain deep insight into end users’ usage and experience data and the technologies they use to get work done, identifying any points of digital friction that can disrupt successful workflows; non performant applications, missing functionality forcing the need to switch applications, versioning, unstable devices or network access issues.

Acumen provides insight into hardware and software issues affecting the end-user estate, delivering KPIs and actionable insights and recommendations that improve the digital employee experience and boost productivity.

Enable Teams and Individuals to Adopt Technology That Enhances Productivity

Target, promote, and track application use. See which employees, teams, roles, and locations require help. Create Power Users and get employees to master critical apps. Identify which solutions need higher adoption and rapidly boost adoption via campaigns leveraging usage data to track adoption progress.

Provide Exceptional Hybrid Working Experiences

Acumen provides the data and insights that help IT teams build exceptional – and, importantly, quantifiable – hybrid working end-user experiences, supported by optimal computing performance.

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