Digital Initiative Metrics and Benchmarks


Optimizing Digital Initiative Metrics and Outcomes

Organizations know change is a fact of life and that the pace of change is accelerating, however, many still aren’t preparing for it. A significant part of the problem is a lack of data or digital initiative metrics that can provide an accurate assessment of the digital health of the organization.

The Acumen platform captures key data and the associated granular metrics needed from endpoints across the organization and brings that data together in management dashboards for analysis, providing an accurate assessment of the digital health of your organization. Acumen provides a continuous view of your organization’s digital agility – how ready your organization is to react to and adopt change – and allows you to continuously monitor for optimization opportunities.

Effective baseline assessment and planning

Baseline your current position with accurate data and insights across apposite KPIs that allow you to understand where your organization is now; used for both planning the optimal deployment strategy and for measuring progress over time.

Enabling optimized deployments

Measure progress throughout the delivery phase, highlight issues, and keep initiatives on the right path by identifying where any gaps, risks, and challenges with adoption exist allowing you to proactively correct your course.

Optimize costs

Facilitate cost optimization programs that deliver efficiencies and savings that can fund digital innovation.

Ensuring ongoing ROI

Evaluate your ROI on technology investment in context of “real” business value. Post-completion, Acumen provides ongoing access to metrics that you wish to continue tracking in order to ensure continued ROI, and helps you identify further opportunities to optimize your organization.

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