Cost Optimization

cost optimization

Achieve significant savings and cost optimization with advanced workforce analytics

It’s impossible for IT teams to manage budget cost optimization without a clear understanding of what IT assets they have, where they are, and how they’re being used. The issue is compounded and risks increase as users self-source solutions to quickly address their requirements. This lack of data and understanding leads to slow migration and over provisioned services that impact TCO and ROI.

Actionable insights for cost reduction and right-sizing

Scalable’s platform utilizes intelligent agentless discovery to find and catalog hardware and software assets across the IT estate, irrespective of platform or location.

Uniquely, the solution enables the capture of granular, deep dive usage data needed to support modernization, and migration and transformation initiatives, enabling faster delivery and significant cost savings

Rightsize contracts

Use detailed usage data to buy and renew only the subscriptions you need. Inventory & usage data gives you the power to re-negotiate – optimize what’s truly needed across the organization.

Need-based procurement

Stop paying for SaaS applications you’re not using. Identify and eliminate or reassign unused or underutilized software licenses. Remove unnecessary duplication and overlap – whether it is on-premise or SaaS.

Downgrade excessive entitlements

Different license tiers of both workstation and SaaS applications have vastly different costs. Rationalize license tiers and give employees the functionality they need, downgrading if appropriate.

Streamline support overheads

Greater visibility of end-user environments including level-0 fault awareness allows support services to get ahead of issues before they occur, improving the employee experience and reducing the burden on internal support.

Eliminate on-premise and virtual machine sprawl

In both on-premise and cloud environments, it’s easy to spin up virtual machines for a long time, or utilize capacity for a specific project. In many cases, IT teams may not have gone back and audited if things are still needed. By doing this ‘look back,’ organizations typically see the ability to reclaim 10% of resources.

Rightsize or decommission workloads

Create scenarios to compare costs at various levels of provisioning and subscription.

Surface the use of unauthorized applications and devices

Address financial, security and productivity risks – find and manage unwanted applications – identifying who, where and how much the software is being used.

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