Optimizing Cloud and Multi-Cloud Once You’re There

Optimizing Cloud and Multi-Cloud Once You’re There

Solutions to the Toughest Challenges in the Cloud

In recent EMA research, 89% of survey respondents said they experienced one or more unexpected challenges with their organization’s public cloud. From effective asset intelligence and accountability across hybrid

IT and multi-cloud environments to organizational issues and shadow IT (to name a few challenges), there is no doubt that the move to the public cloud can be disruptive.

So how do you optimize your public cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud investments once there?

Join us for an EMA on-demand webinar, “Optimizing Cloud and Multi-Cloud Once You’re There: Solutions to the Toughest Challenges,” to get specific insights into:

  • Reasons for 25% of IT organizations switching public cloud providers
  • Technologies most frequently used to keep track of cloud sprawl and maximize value
  • Organizational models that best line up with cloud optimization and IT financial optimization
  • Metrics to consider in measuring success
  • Expected benefits once you’ve made the right investments

Tune into the webinar to gain an in-depth look at real-world challenges and solutions based on extensive EMA research.

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