Next Gen ITAM

next gen itam

ITAM from the business vantage point

Get next gen ITAM capabilities: with a comprehensive view of all assets – technology, people and processes – our platform enables business leaders and key stakeholders to understand the impact assets have on key business objectives and digital initiatives at a level previously not available.

Traditional ITAM – a single source of truth

A single source of truth for IT assets that delivers the definitive IT Asset Register. Flexible import mechanisms enable disparate sources of information to be easily added. Integrate data from common sources of information such as SCCM then validate and reconcile with Scalable’s integrated asset discovery capabilities. The information is normalized and enriched with data elements such as location data and end of life dates.

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Digital agility requires next gen ITAM

Acumen captures the KPIs and key data associated with all aspects of digital agility – not just traditional ITAM information from endpoints across the organization. KPIs and insights associated with technology, employee behavior, and processes come together in management dashboards for analysis, and provide a continuous view of your organization’s digital agility and achievement against business goals.

digital employee experience

Understand digital capabilities and work patterns

Measure and profile your organization, teams and individuals to understand their digital agility. Analyze both the technology already in place and the workforce’s ability to absorb change and utilize IT. Profile and understand the workforce activity patterns for better resource planning (team, segment, country, region, or global).

Remove blockers to increased productivity

Evaluate user journeys and identify inefficiencies that are hindering digital growth. Remove friction in workforce – system interactions and optimize processes, eliminating friction and increasing productivity.

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next gen itam

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next gen itam


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