Asset Vision Workstation Key Features

Consolidate All Inventory Sources

Consolidate all your IT asset inventory sources into a single, modern environment. ILMT, SCCM, LANDesk, Altiris, vCenter, Active Directory, LDAP, Spreadsheets, Databases, the list goes on. If you have IT asset data we can import it, de-duplicate it and normalize it. We will then enrich it with our own discovery, public web services and catalog. You can add expenses, allocate and track items and use state-of-the-art Business Intelligence tools to mine the data.

Hardware and Software Discovery

The discovery capabilities of Asset Vision are both wide and deep. A comprehensive range of protocols are supported natively including; NMAP, SSH, WMI, ARP, JDBC, and Web Services. Each protocol probe is used in ways specific to the discovery task underway. All discovered information is normalized seamlessly via the cloud-based catalog Scalable maintains. This normalization process is essential to accurate decision making based on ITAM data. Full details of warranty types, service-levels and expiration dates are also populated without human intervention. Analysis enables forecasting of future warranty obligations on critical assets, so risks can be minimized.

Asset Vision discovers and keeps track of all software installed on a machine be it a workstation or a server. This includes ISO Tags by Software Creator, count of ISO tags by software manufacturer, Digital Product ID by Software Product, with count of DPIDs by normalized software product name and Discovered Signatures by Product along with a count of discovered signatures by software product version including .exe files that are not packaged properly.

Accurate Workstation Usage

By measuring usage through the lens of human interaction, organizations can now differentiate read-only activity from read/write activity for accurate workstation usage. Asset Vision Workstation enables measuring the amount of time a human was active in any application. It provides granular levels of detail down to the active window caption name for traditional applications, web applications and plug-ins, Citrix Terminal Server & VDI, and Virtualized Applications (ThinApp, App-V). In conjunction with its expense management capabilities of Asset Vision Workstation can quickly identify precise operational expenditure savings.

WebApp Discovery and Tracking

Automatic discovery of the use of a web application is an important first step in rationalizing the use of SaaS applications. Asset Vision’s automated web application discovery will count simple hits for web applications down to the second level URL qualifier. This tracking provides a forensic level of usage analysis of web applications. Beyond simple page loads, it identifies the amount of time a user spends interacting with an identifiable page. The tracking will count keystrokes and mouse clicks to ensure a precise understanding of how important the page is to a user. Coupled with normalization of the page to a meaningful app name, this feature surfaces actionable intelligence of SaaS consumption.

Upgrade and Use-Rights Engine

Key to capturing the maximum value of your software investment is the correct allocation of upgrades and product use rights. Although terminology across publishers varies significantly, Scalable has successfully normalized the major licensing and upgrade rules in use today, in a publisher-independent fashion. This capability enables Asset Vision to ensure that upgrade, software assurance, maintenance, and rights of secondary use are applied regardless of the software product being processed, giving you confidence that you’re getting the maximum value from your software investment.

Entitlement Importing

Asset Vision Workstation enables entitlement information to be imported from a variety of sources. Popular sources include the transaction data tab from the Microsoft License Statement and the purchase history from the Adobe equivalent. A variety of maps also exist that enable purchase history from Large Account Resellers to be imported. Capabilities include a mapping tool that can take an arbitrary data set and map it accurately into the entitlement repository. In addition to the import features, Asset Vision enables individual entitlements to be added manually to the repository.

License Reconciliation

Asset Vision Workstation provides the ability to reconcile licenses with inventory discovered either by the agentless or agent-based method. License entitlements can be imported, qualified, and summarized to provide a license position. Inventory captured can be qualified to determine the licenses required for coverage. Reconciliation reports compare the licenses to the inventory to identify audit risks.

License Allocation

Assign licenses to computers hosting licensable software with the Assignment Wizard. Report on Assignment Gaps where Asset Vision detects licensable software without an assigned license. The Assignment Wizard provides a step-by-step process for selecting a Software Product Version for assignment, displaying eligible devices for assigning that software, summarizing the resulting assignment license SKU counts and OSE coverage, and finalizing the assignment and Exposure/Assignment Gap recalculation.

Multiple Licensing Metrics

Asset Vision Workstation supports multiple metrics including seat, OSE’s (physical and virtual), Servers (physical and virtual) and Processor/Core. License Rules are tightly integrated with License Metrics as is the detection method to ensure accurate reporting. Coupled with an extensive array of entitlement categories such as software product version, product type, license metric, quantity, usage country and coverage dates, it provides the necessary data to take control of your software assets.

Location Mapping

Asset Vision has access to a cloud-based location mapping service and internal location mapping. The result is the ability to automatically locate the assets you’re tracking from within Asset Vision. Mapping can be based on an IP address range or virtually any other combination of a discovered asset’s attributes.