WinINSTALL: Client and PC Lifecycle Management Tools

WinINSTALL is an award-winning tool that automates client resets, and quickly packages, distributes, and migrates software.

It is tightly integrated, easy to use, and cuts significant time and costs from client and PC lifecycle management.

WinINSTALL has consistently raised the bar for integrated PC lifecycle management tools. Its capabilities enable implementation of each stage in the client or PC lifecycle so that an IT administrator can build later stages upon previous stages, or reuse elements for common IT management tasks.

Looking for WinINSTALL LE? It is now Smart Packager CE (Community Edition)—you can find it here.

It is now available in two toolsets, one purpose-built for client lifecycle management, one created specifically for application migrations.

WinINSTALL Lifecycle Management Suite (LMS):
The proven, trusted lifecycle management tool.

It enables integrated, procurement-to-decommissioning client resets, packaging, and software distribution.

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WinINSTALL Migration Performance Package (MPP):
Purpose-built to speed application migrations.

When you need to accelerate your migrations, and need a production-tested, reliable, proven tool.

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