WinINSTALL Lifecycle Management Suite (LMS)

WinINSTALL Lifecycle Management Suite (LMS) automates client resets and quickly packages, distributes, and migrates software – all from a single console. It cuts significant time and costs from client and PC lifecycle management. WinINSTALL’s capabilities enable implementation of each stage in the client or PC lifecycle so that an IT administrator can build later stages upon previous stages, or reuse elements for common IT management tasks. It is available in two toolsets, one purpose-built for client lifecycle management, one created specifically for application migrations.

WinINSTALL Highlights

  • Package software as an MSI, with rich discovery, package editing and transform capability
  • Deploy packages to workstations in one of several efficient ways
  • Check for vulnerabilities and keep workstations patched
  • Migrate personalities, files, and other user settings
  • Backup and restore workstations efficiently
  • Deploy operating systems and slipstream patches into the builds
  • Decommission hardware to Department of Defense standards
  • Reset workstations to a pristine condition with all configuration maintained

Migrating to Asset Vision

Scalable was built on a foundation of outstanding customer satisfaction and value. WinINSTALL is one of our original products and embodies these principles. We continue to enhance and develop WinINSTALL, and are slowly and thoughtfully migrating its feature set to Asset Vision. Customers of WinINSTALL can take advantage of several attractive migration options and services. For details of how you can leverage your investment in WinINSTALL to take advantage of the many new features available in Asset Vision, please contact us.