Survey™ simplifies the software license rationalization process, whether the software is web-based, on-premise, running on virtual machines, or as part of an application virtualization scenario. As an on-premise complement to existing IT Asset Management products and services, Survey gathers data via a “light touch” agent installed on the desktop clients within the PC environment.

Survey Highlights

While running in the background, the agent gathers:

  • An inventory of all executables on the PC.
  • A view of application usage as determined by keystroke counts and mouse interaction for all applications used by each individual user of a PC.
  • The amount of time spent at predefined website URLs.
  • Usage on applications that are hosted by the Thin Client application.
  • An inventory and utilization of both local and network printers.
  • Hardware inventory information such as available memory, CPU, and operating system version.

Survey Key Features

Migrating to Asset Vision

Customers of Survey are able to migrate to Asset Vision on highly favorable terms. We have also made the technical migration as seamless as possible. Many of our Survey customers have already made the migration successfully, and are now enjoying the many additional features that Asset Vision offers. View a detailed list of the most common questions our customers have about the migration.

Near-Forensic Usage Metering

By obtaining accurate usage-based information delivered with precision and clarity in a variety of reports, Survey’s near-forensic software usage metering helps your organization stop overbuying software licenses, removing the cost burden of supporting and maintaining underutilized software and hardware.

Intelligence for “True Ups” and Vendor Negotiations

With the information provided by Survey, you can get more from annual software license reviews and “true-up” negotiations, achieve compliance with vendor licensing, and better forecast future budget needs.