Comparing Acumen™ and Asset Vision™

Providing employee digital experience and productivity analytics for both technical and business leaders

With the introduction of Acumen, Scalable is providing employee digital experience and productivity analytics for both technical and business leaders through a user interface that best meets their requirements and preference. 

Both solutions are underpinned by the same proven core platform capabilities that customers have relied on to-date; Databases, Security, Usage Metering, Discovery, Agent Management, and Software Recognition. Acumen and Asset Vision are deployed within the same customer instance and users of both products can move between the two interfaces effortlessly.  

The difference between Acumen and Asset vision

Acumen has been developed to help provide IT, HR and business team leaders with deep insight on digital employee experiences and productivity issues. The solution surfaces additional data and utilizes a more intuitive interface for business-oriented users. Importantly, Acumen provides a layer of analysis and tracking on top of the standard Asset Vision data which allows for Key Performance Indicators to be built and fed into powerful transformation initiatives and insights; all while still providing the ability to drill down into the granular data when required

Acumen utilizes a number of modules to provide the core capabilities for specific areas of focus; endpoint intelligence and employee productivity.

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Asset Vision continues to offer technical users powerful analytics and the ability to carry out deep customization and integration through database extensibility and powerful scripting, combined with full API options. 

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Acumen Modules

Acumen for Endpoint Intelligence

Gives you visibility into the stability, responsiveness, and performance of endpoints and software to drive better employee engagement, increased productivity, and power more efficient IT support operations

Please Note: This module is available to Asset Vision customers for use without additional subscription costs, inside existing arrangements.

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Acumen for Employee Productivity

Provides you a host of additional analytics capabilities that enable IT and business leaders to improve user experiences, streamline disconnected tactical solutions, and drive better ways of working consistently. 

Second-by-second usage data and application workflows provide insight on user journeys to optimize task efficiency by identifying and eliminating digital friction, improving productivity and enhancing the end user experience. Additional data around work patterns and sentiment deliver the essential insights needed to improve digital experiences and protect employee well-being. 

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