Heritage Products


Survey™ simplifies the software license rationalization process, whether the software is web-based, on-premise, running on virtual machines, or as part of an application virtualization scenario. As an on-premise complement to existing IT Asset Management products and services, Survey gathers data via a “light touch” agent installed on the desktop clients within the PC environment.

WinINSTALL Lifecycle Management Suite (LMS)

WinINSTALL Lifecycle Management Suite (LMS) automates client resets and quickly packages, distributes, and migrates software – all from a single console. It cuts significant time and costs from client and PC lifecycle management. WinINSTALL’s capabilities enable implementation of each stage in the client or PC lifecycle so that an IT administrator can build later stages upon previous stages, or reuse elements for common IT management tasks. It is available in two toolsets, one purpose-built for client lifecycle management, one created specifically for application migrations.

  • Backup and restore workstations efficiently
  • Deploy operating systems and slipstream patches into the builds
  • Decommission hardware to Department of Defense standards
  • Reset workstations to a pristine condition with all configuration maintained

Smart Packager Pro and Related Versions

  • If you are a Smart Packager user with a current support contract and you are looking to report a defect or product problem, please contact us at support@scalable.com. Alternatively, you may call us at:

    Americas: +1.512.501.2828
    EMEA: +44 203 695 4632
    APAC: +61 2 8417 2858

    If you are inquiring about a support or subscription renewal and you would like a quotation or you have questions, please send an email to accounts.receivable@scalable.com.

    If you are contacting us for an evaluation copy or to purchase the product, Smart Packager products are now available only to existing customers. The product is available as capacity licenses for existing users or as part of a solution pack for our desktop management product, WinINSTALL. For more information, contact info@scalable.com.