Tracking SaaS Applications

Tracking SaaS Applications

Uncover Hidden Costs of Rogue Applications

It’s hardly news that more and more employees are going rogue using SaaS applications to do their jobs more efficiently. However, this proliferation of SaaS applications does beg the question: at what cost?

Get a handle on “Tracking SaaS Applications” – watch our video to learn how today’s enterprises are grappling with an alarming rate of “Shadow IT” leakage. You’ll find out how you can track SaaS applications to identify adoption trends and optimization opportunities. We’ll cover:

  • Long term expense obligations
  • Duplication of function
  • Lack of audit visibility
  • Decreasing business agility due to poor standardization and interoperability

We’ll also walk you through a real-world use case and how to put SaaS applications back on the radar — watch the video now!