Asset Vision Server

Gain accurate and up-to-date information without disruption

Asset Vision Server provides the foundational information necessary to support ITSM and IT Operations in even the largest corporations. Maintaining an accurate up-to-date inventory of servers and their associated software is critical to compliance, support and security activities IT must perform.​



Dependency mapping

Asset Vision Dependency Mapping operates without an agent, augmenting the agentless server discovery capabilities of Asset Vision. Overlaying dependencies on your asset inventory identifies under and overused servers as well as the software causing the dependency.


Discovery services

By having server discovery, inventory and normalization with dependency mapping in a single solution you avoid the need for deploying agents and ensure data is consistent, timely and accurate.

By providing detailed discovery of services within a network Asset Vision provides information on those devices that consume the services and their hosts. As a result, IT service delivery is improved and server rationalization projects can be assured of success.