eBook:  Realize the Value of Microsoft Teams


An Acumen Guide from Scalable 

Many businesses are turning to Microsoft Teams as an aid to achieving Digital Agility in the face of dizzying change, and it’s an excellent choice. Microsoft Teams offers a shared workspace with the power to transform workplace collaboration by bringing together chat, meetings, apps, bots, storage, and calls within a single platform – and collaboration is an important route to agility. However, realization of the benefits depends heavily on how the product is rolled out.

Download the eBook, “Realize the Value of Microsoft Teams,” to get a blueprint for implementing Microsoft Teams, including:
1.    Selecting the right implementation approach
2.    Preparing for transformation
3.    Developing the right KPIs
4.    Managing roll-out
5.    Monitoring realization of desired outcomes
6.    How can I avoid cloud sprawl and cloud shock?

Read the eBook to discover best practices for how to roll out Microsoft Teams in a way that maximizes the business benefits.