Digital Experience Report:  The Reality of Hybrid Working for Employees

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New research of 2,000 UK hybrid workers has revealed the scale of lost time and money businesses are experiencing as they undergo the post-pandemic shift to a hybrid model. The survey finds an average of 6.96 hours per week are wasted as employees struggle with a lack of access to technology and with technology that doesn’t work. This equates to a significant annual productivity loss of £2.1bn for UK PLC.

The survey also highlights the impact that substandard technology and poor digital experiences are having on well-being. Employees are working an extra 2.2 weeks a year because of poorly designed workflows, a lack of user-friendly applications, and because they are not equipped with the right technology.

Download the report to understand the knowledge gap organizations face in understanding the employee experience and proactive steps organizations can take to measure and optimize the hybrid working experience.