Top Five Reads for Every IT Leader

April 04, 2022

Pete Summers

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Are you an IT leader juggling between building a digital transformation strategy and contending with the visibility challenges of hybrid working?

Whether it’s acquiring and maintaining tools that boost your organization’s productivity, trying to control costs, or improving your employees’ digital experience, we understand IT leaders are under constant pressure in today’s transforming workplaces. Employees operating in a distributed model only complicates this further.

As hybrid working experts, we know you’re always on the hunt for more knowledge that can help you excel your digital transformation strategy and overcome these challenges. That’s why we’ve put together a list of top five reads that will give any IT leader the new ideas they need to thrive.

  1. Three Ways Workforce Analytics Helps to Optimize Your IT Investments:
    As an IT leader, a tricky part of your role is purchasing all the software your company needs to be effective, while still managing costs. In the rush to build adequate hybrid working models during the pandemic, organizations invested more than $4.2 trillion on technology in 2021. Now things are settling down, it’s time to review your software and hardware estate and only pay for what you need – find out how here.
  2. Ensuring Excellent Employee Experiences When Adopting Hybrid Working:
    This great piece reminds us how vital the quality of employees’ digital experience is, so that hybrid working is as effective as traditional working models. Employees have to be equipped with the right software and hardware to support high levels of collaboration across the office and home, and with Acumen, organizations are able to do just that through power of data.
  3. For a Superior Digital Employee Experience, IT and HR must work together:
    Being digitally agile is about rethinking how work is carried out, making employees’ digital experience smoother, more connected, and more productive. As two departments operating at the intersection between technology and human beings, IT and HR must work together to drive digital agility.
  4. Leaders and Laggards: Why Successful Businesses Build Better Employee-Facing Digital Capabilities:
    Any leader worth their salt knows that improving employee’s digital capabilities will lead to better business outcomes. Did you know that the top quartile of organizations with the best digital experience are on average 25% more profitable than those ranked at the bottom of the list? But what makes for a superior digital employee experience? And how do organizations go about making sure that they’re actually delivering it to their employees? Find out how in this blog.
  5. What 2,000 Hybrid Workers Think of the State of Digital Experience in 2021:
    Lastly, we recommend you check out our digital experience report and learn for yourself what employees currently think of their workplace technology. We think there’s some great lessons to learn in this one!

If you’re interested in learning more about how Acumen can help drive your digital transformation strategy, get in touch.

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