Three Technology Trends for IT Leaders in 2023

December 21, 2022

Pete Summers

Three Technology Trends for IT Leaders in 2023 image

For many organizations, 2023 poses a set of new technology trends and challenges. Changing economic headwinds and growing business uncertainty will mean that budgets will be tightened across the board – and IT will be no exception. That being said, technology will still play a major role in enabling businesses to thrive and stay ahead of the competition. Against this backdrop, here are three trends we expect to see emerge in 2023.

1. Refocusing on cost optimization

Economic challenges will mean less money available for departments and reduced budgets. Business leaders will expect IT to have a flat and predictable cost. Delivering this requires IT to understand exactly what assets exist within their IT estate and identify areas where they can make incremental savings. For example, by right-sizing software estates. This requires both knowledge of what software exists and second-by-second insights into the applications used most often, for how long, and by which employees. This usage data can be used to identify and eliminate underused technologies, and drive the adoption of a corporate standard tool, enabling IT to get the most ROI from software purchased.

2. Driving operational and process excellence

Ensuring that employees are taking the most efficient route to complete tasks will become more important than ever in 2023, as IT seeks to boost ROI on technology as well as grow worker productivity and efficiency. Driving higher standards of operational excellence requires granular data on the steps employees take to complete an assignment. User journey data will prove invaluable for IT leaders to make informed recommendations on where improvements can be made. For example, points of the workflow that can be automated, new training requirements, identifying and codifying best practices, then applying governance to ensure adoption of best practices. These changes will be essential to facilitating a productive and efficient workforce, and driving greater operational excellence across the organization.

3. Digital agility will enhance experience and reputation

The digital economy has accelerated the pace of change in business, increased user expectations, and boosted competition. This will become even more apparent in 2023, as people have less money to spend and more options to choose from. Being able to deliver exceptional customer experiences is essential to solidifying organizations’ reputation. Therefore, digital agility – the ability to rapidly adapt to changing business needs by leveraging digital technologies – will be critical. This includes being able to quickly launch new services and products to customers, as well as easily deploying new tools to hybrid workforces. Next year, it will be the most agile and innovative companies that thrive.

Drive 2023 success with Acumen

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