Accurate and intelligent usage metering with Scalable AssetVision

December 13, 2022

Pete Summers

Accurate and intelligent usage metering with Scalable AssetVision image

In previous parts of this blog series, we’ve unpacked how intelligent usage analytics reduce the cost of high-value applications in industries such as engineering. In this fifth and final edition, we look at usage metering with the specific capabilities of Scalable’s Asset Vision for enabling both immediate short-term cost cutting initiatives and ongoing cost management programs, through the capture of detailed, minute-by-minute usage information, for perpetual, subscription and usage based licensing models such as token licensing.

Here are just some of the outcomes that Asset Vision with its usage metering can help you achieve:

  • Rightsize contracts: Asset Vision delivers unmatched insights that help drive savings of subscription, tokenized and concurrent licensed software. Use detailed usage data to buy and renew only the subscriptions and token levels you need.
  • Optimize concurrent license models: Forensic level detail on usage and usage patterns to give absolute visibility of licensing requirements based on actual usage. Understand peak demand patterns and ensure optimal license purchase that ensures availability at minimal cost.
  • Renegotiate vendor contracts based on actual usage data: Inventory and usage data enable you to see what you have, identify what’s inconsistent between your contract and actual usage, and optimize what’s truly needed across the organization.
  • Stop paying for applications you’re not using: Enable significant cost savings in annual software costs by identifying underutilized or entirely unused software.
  • Identify and eliminate ‘bad practices’: Understand usage patterns and provide the data and insights to manage license usage to eliminate ‘bad practice’ and reduce costs. Accurate usage data and insights enable IT teams to pinpoint instances of license and token consumption that incur unwarranted expense and where users can be coached to change behavior.
  • Maintain compliance: Ensure the proper tools are in the hands of the right users.
  • Eliminate redundant applications: It’s not uncommon for organizations to be running multiple versions of the same type of software, but there are huge efficiencies to be gained by eliminating those redundant applications and consolidating to only one.

A single point of truth for all technology

Asset Vision enables application portfolio managers and IT leaders to quickly survey the entire IT estate and make smart decisions about how to manage assets and deliver savings. It finds and catalogs hardware and software assets across the IT estate, irrespective of platform or location, and uniquely enables the capture of minute-by-minute usage data. This granular usage insight serves as a single point of truth for your organization’s inventory and can be used to support cost optimization and application portfolio rationalization initiatives.

Armed with insights from Asset Vision, you can ensure faster, more significant savings by right-sizing contracts, eliminating unused software, and removing unnecessary duplication and overlap across the IT estate. If you’d like to find out about how Asset Vision can optimize the costs of your high-value applications – whatever your industry – get in touch.