Measure and Transform Employee Digital Experiences and Productivity

Provide exceptional digital employee experiences using data and insights to boost productivity, protect employee well-being and reduce cost

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Solutions That Drive Game-Changing Results

Productivity and Digital Workplace Efficiency

Measure, analyze and report on the digital experiences of individuals, roles, teams and locations.

Building Digital Workplaces

Identify and eliminate digital friction. Understand the user journeys and application workflows that staff use to complete tasks.

Gain End-User Device Intelligence

Get critical data and insights on the stability and performance of endpoints and software to deliver significant cost savings and increased productivity.

DEX Observability & Digital Experience Scoring 

Eliminate blind spots in user experience measurement by gaining objective evidence of how hybrid and remote working models perform.

2024 Scalable Software Digital Employee Experience Report: Expectation vs Reality for Knowledge Workers.

New Scalable research finds digital experiences are getting worse. Data shows knowledge workers forced to work an extra 3.1 weeks per year due to digital limitations.

From the emergence of hybrid work as the “new norm” to the “return to office” battle, knowledge workers are at the heart of the debate over the future of work. But what does this period of flux mean for knowledge workers? And what is the reality of the remote, hybrid and in-office digital experience for today’s employees?

To find out, we went straight to the source and asked 2,000 UK knowledge workers about their digital employee experiences today.

The best digital experiences rely on Scalable Software

The best digital experiences rely on Scalable Software

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