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Who You Gonna Call?

  • Posted by: Scalable Team

A clever co-operation: Asset Vision® (Scalable) meets samQ (VOQUZ)

Even though companies use a lot of different software, only a few have the resources and expertise to really handle all their software licenses efficiently and with confidence. Therefore, it’s reasonable to use a software asset management solution, which is specialized in the different types of licenses.

Why you need specialized help on applications like SAP

Remembering Ghostbusters, the iconic movie from the 1980’s, Software Asset Management (SAM) can seem a lot like finding a gateway to another dimension and having to destroy a lot of slime to achieve results.

Most of us do not have proton pack weapons and we have all learned there is no ‘easy button.’ SAM is challenging the higher you move up the stack. Device and user licensing on desktops and laptops is relatively straight forward. Getting an accurate, normalized software inventory is the most critical step and then marrying that information with the correct license rules, assignments and usage should occur automatically. Asset Vision detects and normalizes software signatures to products, OS’s and services. It understands the metrics such as seat, OSE types, processor and cores, and servers.

As you move into the datacenter environment with the likes of Oracle, IBM and SAP that picture changes dramatically. Not only are the publishers changing their licensing models, they are placing restrictions on how software details are collected and what software product information they will accept for compliance.

One must ask then, is a single platform or solution really the right way to approach your Software Asset Management needs? The reality seems to suggest not.

IBM requires BigFix, Oracle requires a specialized script and SAP is a world unto its own. Then, specific, hard to find and expensive analysts are required to understand the nuances of the licensing rules and contract provisions. While tooling is not the entire answer, it can help. But it should be tuned to the requirements, not a one size fits all approach.

SAP license management is getting more complex

The product mix and license landscape of SAP gets more complex every year. Even in small companies, responsible teams are unable to cope with the difficult licensing requirements of SAP, and non-compliance can be costly. The topic of Indirect Access made the issue even more dangerous for companies, as nobody really knows how Indirect Access is defined. 2017 was the first year that SAP sued two customers for Indirect Access non-compliance, so SAP users are now even more aware of compliance-issues.

With a growing number of SAP licenses, it gets more and more difficult to manage the SAP landscape. Multi-system usage, user consolidation, and employee movements between functional roles makes optimally handling the license portfolio difficult when done manually. With time, you will need more people and money for the task, and even then, you can’t be sure if your methods are compliant. So why not use a tool to do the work?

There are plenty of generalist SAM providers who claim to also support SAP, however, many have only superficial knowledge about the topic. If you want to manage your licenses the right way, you need a solution which is built from the ground up around SAP license management and optimization. Why should you rely on non-specialized providers when you’re looking to solve a unique problem?

The right SAP license management tool can solve these challenges

The best way to manage your SAP licenses is to choose a tool that is purpose-built for the job. samQ by VOQUZ is the leading SAP license management solution. The platform enables a fully automated and continuous analysis of your SAP licensing metrics. samQ tracks the data of your user activities and assigns the correct license types. It optimizes the overall license consumption, while ensuring software license compliance based on an objective ruleset, built around your contractual entitlements.

samQ also cures Indirect Access anxiety. It autonomously captures new critical interfaces and calculates a risk index for external applications. Furthermore, it automatically monitors previously identified items by means of a risk level threshold system. The result is a 360-degree view into, and control of all relevant SAP licensing metrics.

Many samQ-users are interested in a broader solution to handle their Software Asset Management needs in general. For organizations who prefer specialized solutions for maximum efficiency, VOQUZ and Scalable offer a powerful offering through co-operation. We call this the ‘Aces in Places’ approach. For more information about this joint solutions, please contact us.

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