Realize the Potential of Collaboration Platforms

Drive Adoption and Maximize ROI

Successfully deploying collaboration platforms and driving adoption across the organization can be a significant challenge. In order to realize their full potential, it’s critical to understand the capabilities and readiness of both technology and employees at the outset and then monitor performance and progress on every step of the journey.

Assess and Plan

You can prepare for your digital transformation project by following these steps:

  • Measure your organization’s digital agility – the readiness and availability of technology coupled with the ability of workers to absorb change and utilize IT
  • Evaluate the IT estate’s readiness with insight over users, applications, devices and infrastructure to create the best possible deployment strategy based on available resources and performance capabilities
  • Determine when digital transformation efforts should occur, establishing a baseline to measure success of improvement efforts
  • Prioritize and stage deployments based on employee capabilities and readiness to adopt change
  • Identify early adopters for pilot groups before committing to a full migration

Manage and Optimize

Acumen gives IT teams the accurate KPIs needed to gain control and visibility over the entire deployment process of collaboration platforms, giving your teams the data needed to measure performance efficiency, service adoption, and employee satisfaction.

Acumen monitors and correlates technical and end-user behavior KPIs to establish clear measures of adoption over time and compare the usage and performance of all collaboration tools used within the organization. This allows IT to identify champions and engage with late adopters and non-compliant users to help drive adoption and maximize ROI.

With Acumen, you can measure the progress of those efforts along the way.


Digital Agility Insights to Drive Performance

Acumen delivers KPIs, analytics, and insights to help drive adoption and optimize performance by:

  • Highlighting digital champions in your organization and high-performing teams, departments, or roles
  • Identifying the lower-scoring areas of the business that might need more focus or support to improve their digital agility
  • Tracking how users interact with technology planned for change, both before & after
  • Recommending how best to map users to change plans
  • Documenting how your workforce agility is aiding or inhibiting your strategic business goals
  • Providing end-users with a platform for contributing to business innovation

Tighter Collaboration for Greater Productivity

In many organizations, teams have recognized the advantages and performance gains that can be attained with collaboration platforms. However, if unmanaged, it can result in individual departments, teams, regions, or other groups interacting, communicating, and sharing content and ideas in any number of collaboration platforms. The resulting ‘category sprawl’ can lead to inefficiencies and information silos that are counter-productive to the initial collaboration goal and these issues often remain unaddressed through lack of visibility.

See the Whole Picture: A Unique Perspective

Acumen provides vendor-independent digital workplace insights, analytics, and KPIs across the major collaboration tools. Advanced algorithms combine technology and employee behavior data to uniquely deliver accurate, deep-dive, actionable intelligence covering the entire IT estate and enable IT to perform comparisons across technology platforms and provide context against other organizations.