Digital Employee Experience

Employee Experience and the Digital Workplace

Today, people increasingly expect the same experience from the organizations they work for that they’re used to as consumers. Just as social, mobile, data analytics, and personalization technology has shaped expectations around customer experience, they are now influencing the digital employee experience expectations in the workplace.

Staff and distributed teams across the globe need constant access to services such as team collaboration, file sharing, web conferencing, telephony, virtual desktops, and access when on the go, working remotely or travelling between client meetings.

The pressure is on IT teams to deliver a positive workplace & service experience that enhances employee satisfaction, productivity, and empowerment. Digital workplace initiatives are focused on meeting this need; enabling information workers to save significant time through more effective and efficient collaboration in real time and the ability to easily share information and find resources to complete their jobs.


Improve Digital Employee Experience with Acumen

To maximize business value, you need to start by understanding how your workplace tools are being leveraged by your employees. Understand your ROI by measuring employee adoption of different technology solutions currently in use, and compare usage behavior to business metrics.

Digital workplace programs, such as collaboration platforms, ‘work anywhere,’ BYOD, DaaS, and others, require an agile management approach that can iteratively prioritize, adapt, measure, and mature the capabilities that support the organization’s digital transformation initiatives.

With deep insight into end-user usage data and the technologies used, Acumen delivers key digital agility KPIs. It provides actionable insights and recommendations to enhance the agility of both employees and technology, so you can drive successful digital initiatives to boost the digital employee experience, engagement, and productivity throughout the company.

Acumen can help you accomplish this vision and deliver the business value you need through change programs designed to drive adoption, enable effective use, and deliver business value.