Anwendungsmigration Hilfe

Asset-Vision quickly and without agents, identifies your business applications, who is using them, and which services, programs and servers make them up. By having this understanding, you can gain insight into which applications are targets for migration based on usage, age or supportability. Asset Vision helps provide the accurate and timely data to support decommissions and disaster recovery initiatives. Using agentless scans provides full inventory on endpoints, virtualized hosts and services which are gathered and presented in powerful customizable dashboards.

Business services are also collected, and the relationships are captured in detail using Netstat and trace route to show active protocols, ports and services including the efficiency of the connections based on latency and hops. These service profiles are analyzed in graphs and maps to show where your consumers are, and which devices are talking to each other. Bottlenecks and risks on your network can be identified as well as to define and categorize your business applications to support all sorts of business transformation initiatives.