Microsoft 365 Optimization

Optimize Microsoft 365 productivity, licenses, and cost

Acumen is uniquely positioned to help organizations realize the full, transformative value of Microsoft 365. Workforce and system analytics enable IT teams to drive Microsoft 365 optimization by measuring and monitoring progress, driving adoption, and reducing costs.

Help employees to adapt their work behavior and adopt new efficient ways of working:

  • Drive adoption and maximize ROI
  • Optimize costs by reallocating unused licenses or realigning them to the most appropriate subscription tier
  • Optimize your deployment strategy
  • Establish a baseline against which to measure improvement efforts and ROI
  • Measure, monitor and report on progress

Optimize application costs

Maximize license savings by finding all of your inactive Microsoft 365 licenses and reallocate. Realign current subscriptions tiers to be better suit your users’ needs. Microsoft 365 Optimization compares the efficiency of more than one-tool in use across the business, allowing you to make standardization decision with confidence.

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Baseline assessment

Understand your starting point by quickly reviewing which subscriptions are active in your environment and whether those subscriptions are optimized for the user based on the products and features in use.

Plan for success, deploy with confidence

Identify areas of agility growth at various detailed levels. Allow managers to make strategic decisions around subscription downgrades for significant savings. Create the best possible deployment strategy for all new employees joining your Microsoft 365 environment.

Drive adoption

Target, promote, and track application use. See which employees, teams, roles, and locations require help. Create Power Users and get employees to master critical apps. Identify which solutions need higher adoption and rapidly boost adoption via campaigns leveraging usage data to track adoption progress.

Accelerate standardization on accredited applications

Target and measure the adoption of Microsoft Teams and compare that to other collaboration and communication tools in us across the organization. Specifically, look at how users are leveraging Microsoft Teams for collaboration across meetings, chats and document sharing, giving you reassurance of ROI.

Continually drive value

Realize ongoing value from your Microsoft 365 investment by continuing to boost user engagement and drive adoption. Manage and prepare for change by measuring and sharing the success of Microsoft 365, while understanding where to iterate for future improvements.

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