IT Service Provider

IT Service Provider

Digital workplace KPIs and insights that deliver a competitive edge

Orchestrating the design, development and deployment of new digital business models needs vision, insight, and data.
IT Service Providers can optimize the delivery of digital transformation initiatives and provide enhanced customer satisfaction with Acumen:

  • Measure technology adoption and ROI on transformation programs
  • Ensure faster delivery of migration and transformation
  • Drive adoption & track progress
  • Minimize risks. Identify issues early and take corrective action
  • Drive continuous improvement & ensure ongoing ROI

Effective baseline assessment and planning

Advanced analytics and visualization tools to measure your before-and-after KPIs so that you can quantify the impact of transformation initiatives. Understand your starting point by reviewing your current capabilities: both the
technology already in place and the workforce’s ability to absorb change and utilize IT. Establish a baseline against which to measure improvement efforts and ROI

Plan for success, deploy with confidence

Identify suitable early adopters who can act as champions and lead pilot groups. Create the best possible deployment strategy, prioritizing and staging deployments based on employee capabilities and readiness to change.

Enable optimized deployments

Throughout the delivery phase, Acumen measures progress, highlighting any issues, enabling organizations to keep initiatives on the right path by showing where any gaps, risks, and challenges with adoption exist allowing you to proactively correct your course.

Drive adoption

Target, promote, and track application use. See which employees, teams, roles, and locations require help. Create power users and get employees to master critical apps. Identify which solutions need higher adoption and leverage usage data to track adoption progress.

Accelerate standardization on accredited applications

Discover which SaaS and heritage applications are in use, by whom. Secure accurate usage data on all applications across the IT estate and leverage KPIs and insights to better understand where targeted actions will help achieve greater adoption of corporate solutions.

Track progress

Monitor progress through both standard and configurable dashboards that provide immediate access the data, KPIs and insights needed to keep digital initiatives on track. Configurable Dashboards, KPI Scores, data analytics with roll-up and drill down ensure that you get the right information, at the right time.

Minimize risks

Identify risks to success early and ensure your team has the opportunity to take corrective action to keep initiatives on-track. Vastly reduce the number of failed projects by always focusing on the top priorities.

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