Provide exceptional hybrid working experiences

Acumen provides the data and insights that help IT teams build exceptional – and, importantly, quantifiable – hybrid working end-user experiences, supported by optimal computing performance.

Granular workforce analytics and insights help answer the key questions that they need to know when optimizing workforce-system interactions to remove friction, ensure technology stability, and deliver exceptional employee experiences that boost productivity and protect staff well-being.

Assess and benchmark current hybrid working capabilities

Establish a baseline assessment of your current position providing accurate data and insights across apposite KPIs to allow you to understand where your organization is now; used for both planning the optimal deployment strategy and for measuring progress over time.

Help HR use technology to safeguard individual wellbeing

It’s increasingly understood that different individuals respond very differently to remote working, depending on both their personalities and their circumstances. Utilize workforce analytics to help HR professionals spot warning signs that an employee needs support. Workforce and relational analytics provide insights on work patterns, teamwork and collaboration, out of hours working, and user workflow that can reveal frustration and process friction that impact effectiveness and staff well-being.

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Actively drive adoption

Promote and track application use. See which employees, teams, roles, and locations require help, and identify which solutions need intervention to increase adoption. Utilize the insights gained to target campaigns that will boost adoption. Continually monitor usage data to track adoption progress.

Remove blockers to increased effectiveness

Evaluate user journeys – the sequence of steps that employees follow as they interact with technology to carry out a particular task – and identify inefficiencies that are hindering digital growth. Remove friction in workforce-system interactions and optimize processes that enhance effectiveness.

Measure and analyze changes to team dynamics

Use relational analytics to understand how the hybrid working effect may have changed team and individual dynamics; new influencers and ideators may emerge, cross-team efficacies may evolve, and new pools of innovation might develop. Use metrics to measure and understand these shifting dynamics and align them appropriately throughout the business.

Provide visibility for management

Give managers accurate status updates on employee experience and effectiveness based on data from all relevant endpoints (there are likely to be thousands of them) across your entire IT estate. Use these results to report against the business’s key performance indicators (KPIs). Provide configurable dashboards, KPI scores, and data analytics with roll-up and drill down so that decision-makers can access the right information at the right time.

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