Google Workspace


Realize the full transformative value of Google Workspace

Google Workspace offers an opportunity to both optimize costs and transform workplace productivity and collaboration, however, realization of the benefits and ROI depends heavily on successful adoption by the workforce. Scalable’s digital agility platform provides a comprehensive approach to planning and executing Google Workspace migrations.

Plan for success

Acumen provides you with data and insights relating to your current estate. Use those insights to baseline your migration initiative and identify the right approach for your Google Workspace migration. Determine your experienced SaaS users and leverage the skills and enthusiasm of your digital champions. Alternatively look at File Usage across the estate and identify the quick-win opportunities to increase Google Workspace adoption.

Measure and validate technology adoption

During your migration initiative, Acumen allows you to see which employees, teams, roles, and locations are on-track and those that require help with adoption. Utilize the insights gained to target campaigns that will boost adoption and help achieve migration more efficiently. Once you have completed your migration, you’re still able to continue monitoring to ensure ongoing benefits realization and ROI.

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Chrome OS and Chromebook migration: answers to key questions

Scalable’s solution provides the key data and insights that assist enterprises in optimizing Chrome OS and Chromebook migrations. By using Scalable’s IT Operations Analytics platform to capture data from thousands of end points across the organization, customers are able to address the key challenges associated with opportunity identification, migration planning, and maximizing ROI through optimizing adoption and costs.

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