Digital Initiative Metrics and Dashboards


Optimize Transformation Outcomes to Maximize Business Value

Change is a fact of life and that the pace of change is accelerating, however, many still aren’t preparing for it. Time, money and the reputation are at risk if when digital transformation initiatives are attempted without the appropriate technology platforms enabled or that workers are not ready for.

Acumen from Scalable is the essential platform to measure the progress of transformation initiatives and optimize the desired business outcomes and anticipated RoI

Acumen delivers evidence based observation data and KPIs that give an accurate understanding as to what is achieved across the organization.  Acumen gives an early indication on where potential issues exist so they can be navigated and delivers insights on to maximize ROI and expose opportunities to improve performance.

  • Make better, informed decisions
  • Deliver faster execution
  • Identify and navigate risks
  • Achieve faster time to value
  • Avoid failure

Accurate KPIs and insights that enable better data driven decisions

Acumen measures and analyses workforce/technology interactions enabling better data driven decisions and faster execution. Key data and the associated granular metrics needed from endpoints across the organization are brought together in management dashboards for analysis, providing key performance metrics and insights that enable transformation managers to plan, measure, assess and remediate where needed, to ensure the desired outcomes are realized.

By capturing per-second technology usage and people-to-people interaction, Acumen provides the data and insights needed to optimize the outcomes of transformation initiatives. Acumen analyses how users, teams and departments engage with technology and digital processes providing granular data and insights.

Optimize Transformation success…

  • Maximize business value by understanding how your workplace tools are being leveraged by employees. Advanced algorithms combine technology and employee behaviour data to deliver accurate, deep dive, actionable intelligence
  • Ensure faster delivery of migration and transformation initiatives that enable agile operations in response to changing market demands.
  • Optimize Transformation success: Plan, measure, assess, remediate
    • Build a roadmap and business case for digital transformation around agility levels and opportunities / risks
    • Baseline your current position, plan the optimal deployment strategy and measure and track progress over time
    • Align rollouts to digital competency levels, identify gaps in utilization, and drive greater adoption
    • Understand technology sizing & readiness for transformation
    • Track and enhance adoption of technology at the user level to measure success of transformation projects
    • Identify champions and laggards and provide training to help users who need it
    • Configurable KPI measurement and intelligent analytics, linked to business goals and outcomes, provide actionable insights that keep transformation initiatives on track
    • De-risk transformation – Identify issues and react quickly. Constantly correct your course and stay on the right path
  • Optimize processes, identify best practice and expose non compliance
  • Measure and enhance efficiency and productivity by identifying hidden digital friction and eliminate it.
  • Vendor independent, covering the entire IT estate and able to perform comparisons across technology platforms

De-risk transformation programs with accurate data from the entire IT estate.

Assess and baseline before digital transformation

Assess – review of your current IT delivery model across the estate and determine the feasibility of, and readiness for, alternative delivery models.

Baseline your current position with accurate data and insights across apposite KPIs that allow you to understand where your organization is now; essential for both planning the optimal deployment strategy and for measuring and tracking progress over time.

Minimize risk – Measure and react during transformation

Measure progress throughout the delivery phase, highlight issues, and keep initiatives on the right path by identifying where any gaps, risks, and challenges with adoption exist allowing you to proactively correct your course.

Capture data and review after transformation and monitor ongoing compliance and ROI

Evaluate your ROI on technology investment in context of “real” business value. Post-completion, Acumen provides ongoing access to metrics that you wish to continue tracking in order to ensure continued ROI, and helps you identify further opportunities to optimize your organization.

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